A comment regarding metagenetics

The racist alt-right group Asatru Folk Assembly promotes the pseudo-scientific concept of metagenetics. The founder sum up how race should be perceived and approached in four points:

  • Race is real
  • Race is important
  • I love my race
  • I will defend my race

This race issue is supposed to be a profound spiritual struggle for white people. Well, it’s really not spiritual at all; all four points can be achieved by one very physical type of behavior: Only have children with a person you think are of the proper race. That’s it. Everything else is for show. All you need are some simple rules regarding the purity of the race, which is to say some regulations to ensure the proper race conscious behavior. You don’t even need to invent anything new. A lot of useful hands-on guidelines have already been developed and tested. Just google “arierparagraph” and take it from there.

Asatru Folk Assembly racist propaganda for the alt-right by Stephen McNallen: https://altright.com/author/stephenmcnallen/

Read more: https://livtraser.dk/xenophobia/

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