Watch out! The Muslims are coming, their goal is to take over the country and enforce sharia law. It is the third monotheistic wave of attack, here to finish the job and oppress us all, especially if you are a polytheist. It’s time for war!

This is how a central part of the concept of “antimonotheism” can be summed up. This war must be fought with the most possible hatred toward every single Muslim. This concept of war is part of the basic outlook, when antimonotheists refer to the three waves of attack against Denmark and the northern countries (the first two attacks being Christian and Jewish). A basic view stating that one feels under attack by something foreign and dangerous. It’s an old theme centered on fear of what is foreign, and the related topic of xenophobia, showing its face. Fear and the creation of images of an enemy serve the good old purpose of charging people to stick together against an outer enemy, and remain faithful. And this is how Asatru has become relevant in relation to antimonotheism, because Asatru became the chosen polytheistic hook on which the antimonotheists hung their coat. And thus a direct link between xenophobia and Asatru was created. This is how some people try to use Asatru for their political purposes. This concept is promoted alongside other basically political agendas such as ethnopluralism and metagenetics equally prejudiced and discriminatory in nature.

Asatru does not need such clothes of fear and hate.

This blog post is a translation of the post “Fremmedhad”: https://livtraser.dk/fremmedhad/

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