I see dead People…

I have began to see these glimpses of people. It is very short, merely a glimpse out of the eye corner. To short to focus and identify them – but it looks like humans. I first thought I was going crazy and beginning to hallucinate, but hallucinations are much more intense and can be described much clearer. I have no idea, what it is. Aliens, Spirits, Dead people or past memories? I don’t know. I have found out, that a lot of people are seeing these glimpses. But no one knows why.

For the last decade I often have dreams at night. Visions from a distant future. Like a new Nostradamus, except my visions are of daily life in a distant future and not a prophecy of a coming war or apocalypse. I never get them written down, and can’t remember them in details. Because doing the dream I wake up scared and sweaty and feeling something present in the room. I’m paralysed with fear, and therefore doesn’t get the written down while I remember them in details. Anyway I can’t see why they are important. They just irritate me.


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