The Illusion of the free Will

I don’t believe in the free will. Well I know we have a feeling about a free will, but that’s just an illusion probably to satisfy reasoning living from being suicidal. Think about what actually is there in your life, that you are the full master of? Think. You didn’t decide who your parents was, where they was. You didn’t decide to fall and break your arm. You didn’t decide that you in college should fall in talk with this lovely young girl, who you later got married with and children. You didn’t decide that she packed her think, and asked for a divorce because she has met a more exciting man, who wants to realise her inner dream of travel to Cambodia. You didn’t decide that you just should walk down on the corner for some milk, and you make a wrong step and ends at the hospital. You doesn’t even decide that you drink milk in the morning. It’s part of our culture. You could decide to drink goatmilk, but again where did you get that idea from? No the fate and our destiny are already written. To be more extreme, we are barely beings. We are just a small amount of energy of the complete sum of energy in the universe. When we past away, our energy is reused in completely different matters – like metal or threes. Some scientist says that the universe is a melody, and if there’s gods they are the orchestra playing the tunes.

It is best for man to be middle-wise,

Not over cunning and clever:

No man is able to know his future,

So let him sleep in peace.


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