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Copyright laws destroys good art

The practice of art isn’t to make a living. It’s to make your soul grow.

Kurt Vonnegut

copyrightHow often doesn’t you hear that the copyright laws protects art? Think about it. The copyright laws was invented in the 20. century. Then why was there great art before the copyright laws? How did musicians live and earn their money without the record companies? Copyright laws is made to protect business. With the rise of the corporations control of the mass media, culture has become a big industry. But art isn’t about earning money, become famous or rich – art is about sending a massage, communicating and promoting an idea. Corporations doesn’t make art, as they say, they make entertainment. Actually corporations kills art. They shape the art to become consumer goods to make it entertainment.

None of my music or art I enjoy has been created or supported by of corporations. Luckily today we got the internet where art and science can flow freely. Everyone can distribute it’s art and find it’s audience without the corps. And that’s what they fear and that’s why they want to control the internet. By using protection of artists as an argument towards politicians, they try to manipulate and control art. If they succeed, then the free internet is past and they actually imprison the art. The art will though survive. Art will always be, that is part of human communication. But by imprison art, it will be harder for the artist to earn money and reach it’s audience. We get back to the time before the internet.

What would be the worst thing if we didn’t have copyright laws? What if the corporations all died like the dinosaurs? The answer is nothing, absolutely nothing. We would still have art, we would still have entertainment and the artists doesn’t need to be poor. Just like before the 20. century. Some artist would earn money, some entertainers would to – like today. The only thing the corporations wants is money, and they get more money with power. Power taken by us the people. Therefor are the fight against copyright laws essential for our democratic rights.

Fuck money, fuck corporations and fuck politicians. They have never supported art. Politicians have invented that art belongs to museums or concert halls. In Denmark we have a famous shit on can on a fine museum. When the artist shitted in the can for 50 years ago it was great art, but conserve it on a museum and take money for people to look at the can. Then the art is raped and reduced to poor entertainment. Close the museums and give the money back to the people, who can use the money on what they think is meaningful. A small group of businessmen and politicians should not decide what make your life meaningful.

So please go ahead – make so much piracy on the net as possible, distribute blockbuster movies, give away Madonnas latest shit. Save your money for a good concert and buy the music if you can afford it directly from the artist or an independent distribution network. It is a fight for our basic freedoms right and I would rather go to jail than send money to my worst enemy. A true artist would be grateful to be heard and happy if he could earn some money by performing his hobby.

Wake up, you idiots! Whatever made you think that money was so valuable?

Kurt Vonnegut

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